Capabilities That Set us Apart

GoodFlow Systems not only solve problems that other solutions can’t, they’re also cost-effective and add value to your property

Highly Cost-Effective

When you compare the short and long term costs of our systems to traditional systems, we win every time.

Property owners can expect to achieve a large costs savings by choosing to go with a GoodFlow CTL system over more restricting and complicated traditional systems. Not only are our systems more simple to install and configure, they also last longer that other systems and increase your land value by giving more usable space back to your property.

  • Increases useable space and land value
  • Longer life-span than other solutions
Backyard of home with inground pool
“Lower cost estimates over other systems”

The design using GoodFlow leach field chambers also resulted in lower cost estimates over other systems due to the reduced excavation area required, reduced Title 5 sand fill required, and the elimination of double washed crushed stone and a geo-grid that would have been needed for other systems.

– Patrick H. Carrara. P.E.
Jacobs Driscoll Engineering, Inc. / PMP Associates

Superior Strength

The GoodFlow CTL system is designed and engineered to be incredibly durable and stand the test of time.

When we set out to create an advanced modern septic solution, we decided to go head-to-head with many of the issues property owners, engineers, and installers typically deal with when it comes to traditional septic solutions. One of those problems is reliability. No one wants the headache of septic system failure.

Our systems are made out of a 4-foot wide 8-foot long concrete body of varying heights, along with an A.B.S. plastic fin structure placed along its sides. The plastic fin structure and concrete body are specifically designed to fit together comprise an incredibly strong and effective septic system.

  • H-20 tested & load bearing
  • Stronger and more durable than traditional systems
“Unique design when traditional options didn’t work”

The unique design of the GoodFlow CTL System gives it an H-20 rating for installation under hardtop and total flexibility for configuring in tight spots where traditional options simply can’t work.

– M. Green
President, Green Construction Management

See how our system can benefit you

How much extra land could you gain?

High ELA = More SPace

The spatial efficiencies gained from GoodFlow systems create room for other property enhancements.

Due to our high rating numbers, the reduction in the system size will make the GoodFlow system a more cost-effective alternative to conventional systems. The area saved can be utilized for things such as pools, patios, house expansions, etc. 

The CTL series greatly exceeds the ELA of a conventional system. It allows a larger square foot count for a septic system in a smaller property area. Expansion areas and primary systems will now likely fit in the same footprint area that a conventional primary system would occupy.

  • More cost effective than other solutions
  • Make room for pools, extra rooms, house expansions, etc.
Row of 4 story apartment buildings
“The solution to challenging situations.”

These systems are particularly effective where there are tight working areas and limited space for any type of application. The system affords very high leaching areas with heavy duty chambers.

– Thomas a. Pozweski P.E. LEED-AP

Large storage Capacity

A larger storage capacity in a smaller footprint makes long term maintenance easier.

The large storage capacity of the GoodFlow CTL System is a big reason why there have been ZERO failures in over 800 installations. Where some plastic chambers with a low storage capacity have a tendency to fail in 1 – 8 years, the GoodFlow System has not had a failure in over 10 years. This makes it a favorite for designers, installers and property owners that are looking for a quality product and it gives them peace of mind the system will last for decades.

  • Zero failures in 800 installations in over 10 years
  • Large Storage Capacity = Smaller footprint = Increased property value
“GoodFlow rescued my property”

My conventional septic system failed and with every septic system we explored we would need a variance from the Health Department because the system needed to fit in a small footprint and was adjacent to wetlands. Due to the high liquid storage capacity, the GoodFlow CTL System was the only reliable system that would fit in the small footprint and installed without a variance.

– Joe Calagna, Home Owner

Case Studies

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