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A rapidly growing aerospace company needed a significant addition to their office complex in order to allow for an increase in employees. The existing septic system would not allow for any additional capacity and the wetlands in the back of the complex prevented a traditional septic system installation in that location. The only viable option was to somehow use the area under the expansive parking lot for a new system that could utilize was rated for such a difficult situation. Due to the high ground water table on the property, all other alternative septic systems would have required the entire parking lot grade to be raised in order to make it usable.

The Solution

The Engineering firm tasked with this challenge designed the system with a GoodFlow Solutions CTL12 in mind. Their design required an H-20 rated system capable of handling 6,500 GPD in order for the building to handle the extra capacity required for their expansion project. This was accomplished utilizing 63 eight foot concrete chambers and 9 four foot chambers totaling 1,080 linear feet (ELA). The unique ability to combine different size chambers in order to maximize efficient use of space demonstrates the flexibility of the GoodFlow Solutions system.

The Results

The GoodFlow Solutions CTL was successfully and quickly installed under the original parking lot for the building, which needed to be re-paved anyway as part of the renovation. By doing so, extra space was gained on the lot where the old system had been installed under a large grass field. This new found space was put to good use and paved over to provide additional parking for the expanded office complex which helped the aerospace company handle new employee volume. Another problem solved by GoodFlow and its concrete leach field chambers!

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