Case study:

Car Wash Sale rescue


The owner of a car wash had successfully negotiated the sale of his business and property with one caveat. The sale was contingent on being able to provide an updated septic system compliant with current town and state codes in order to satisfy the buyer. The replacement system would need to somehow be installed under a small driving lane and parking area of the limited footprint of the property. To make it even more challenging, there had to be minimal disruption to the car wash that ran at full capacity on a regular basis.

The Solution

The choice was easy for the Professional Engineer tasked with putting together a design that would be acceptable to the town, since only one system could fit in the small footprint. The GoodFLow Solutions CTL12 concrete leach field chambers. With H-20 rated performance, a system could be designed underneath the paved area in only 2,114 Square Feet (2,085 Square Feet required) that would provide capacity for 1,543 GPD. The engineer worked with GoodFlow on a design that utilized five rows of 5 chambers that allowed for 200 Linear Feet of the CTL12.

Because of the low profile and minimum backfill required for CTL12 applications the engineer was able to keep the grade of the existing parking lot and not raise the area, again decreasing the overall cost of the system and making the parking lot more user friendly.

The Results

The system was successfully and easily installed underneath the parking lot. There was minimal disruption of business since the GoodFlow installs quickly and was completed in 1 day. Most importantly, the seller of the property was able to meet the contingency to complete the sale, and the buyer was thrilled to have a system in place that would provide years of trouble free performance.

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