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The last thing a homeowner wants to deal with in their new home is a major problem that should never have happened. Unfortunately, that was exactly the case when their home of not even 2 years old began having significant septic problems. The final straw came when a heavy rain began to burst the system through the front yard area exposing raw effluent that ran out onto the street. After some testy conversations, it was revealed that the builder had decided to use an inexpensive “plastic” system well known to many in the industry for having noteworthy failures.

The Solution

The homeowner was not only interested in having a functioning septic system, but also was willing to invest in a product that would provide decades of trouble free functionality. After dealing with an inferior product the first time around, he chose a local engineer known for creating solutions to challenging septic issues. After their first meeting it was clear there was only one company and leach field chambers that the engineer would recommend for his situation – a GoodFlow CTL. He explained to the homeowner that with hundreds of systems installed during the past 10 years there had never been a known failure of a GoodFlow system.

The Results

Given the unique elevations of the property and limited soil permeability, it was decided by the design engineer to use a combination of different sized CTL chambers. This innovative approach allowed for increasing the capacity in a relatively small footprint so that the 675 GPD goal could be met. It was done by networking together 48 linear feet of the CTL 12 and adding an additional 64 linear feet of CTL 18 in a T-bone configuration. The result? A very happy homeowner who sleeps better at night knowing that the steel re-enforced concrete chambers in the GoodFlow Solutions system will most certainly provide he and his family with many years of trouble free performance.

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