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On the upper reaches of Long Island Sound sits a beautiful beachfront community in Madison, Connecticut. Known for having modest homes with the benefit of spectacular views, any building lots that became available for sale were quickly pursued by the speculative builders in the area. One such spec’ builder purchased an older home on a beautiful waterfront lot with plans to do a complete renovation on the existing foundation. By doing so he could take advantage of the “grandfathered” rights to be closer to the water than current guidelines allowed for.

The Solution

Naturally, the builder was familiar with the local market valuations and had planned on being able to expand the original 4 bedroom layout into a 5 bedroom home. He knew that by doing so he would be able to increase the selling price of the home by 100’s of thousands of dollars significantly improving his profit. Unfortunately the architect delivered the bad news that despite best efforts of his septic design engineer, they were unable to figure out a way to accommodate a standard system on the property that could handle what would be needed for 5 bedrooms. They began researching alternative systems that might be able to get them the ELA that was needed.

The Results

Fortunately the engineer on the project did some research and learned from a state health professional that there was a system available that had worked in numerous other challenging situations. After making the call to GoodFlow Solutions, site plans were shared and a plan was born. In this case there were significant obstacles preventing standard leaching fields such as a small lot and waterfront setbacks. Utilizing a creative design option offered with GoodFlow’s technical assistance, an innovative layout was conceived perfectly by using the existing backyard footprint. By taking advantage of the versatile design configurations GoodFlow offers, a unique rectangular system of CTL 12 leach field chambers was able to be put in place that gave them the extra capacity that was needed. The result? A very happy builder that was able to turn a hefty profit from a renovation that turned a 4 bedroom into a 5 bedroom!

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