Solving Unsolvable Problems.

GoodFlow septic concrete leach field chambers are flexible and adaptive, allowing engineers to easily overcome common and restricting challenges.

Features & specs

High ELA

GoodFlow systems have high effective leaching area making it a more cost-effective solution than traditional systems.

Easy to Install

GoodFlow systems can be purchased by anyone and installed in within a single day, which avoids long drawn out construction.

Large Storage Cap.

Our systems boast the highest liquid retention capacity compared to any system available on the market today.

No crushed Stone

Unlike traditional septic systems, GoodFlow systems do not require the usage of crushed stone or gravel in order to install.

Tested H-20

GoodFlow setpic systems are incredibly strong load bearing structures, and they can be installed practically anywhere.


The superior characteristics of GoodFlow systems make them a highly cost-effective long term property enhancement.

Load-Bearing & Capable of Being Installed Anywhere

GoodFlow systems are loved by engineers because of their durability and strength. The H-20 loading bearing rating of our systems enables them to be installed underneath driveways and other physical structures. Because of this unique advantage, engineers are able plan septic solutions in an overall smaller footprint.

Keep Renovation & Construction Plans on Track!

One of the worst pieces of news a property owner can receive is learning that septic requirements will force them to alter their property renovation or enhancement plans, and potentially thwart visions and blow up budgets. GoodFlow systems allow engineers to completely side step those conversations and deliver on their client’s vision.

Engineered & Developed to Provide Superior Flexibility

GoodFlow systems are designed and engineered with flexibility as a priority. Our systems can be arranged in endless and unique configurations because of their block-like structural design. This flexibility provides tremendous versatility when it comes to their placement relative to existing structures and property shapes.

Driveway of family home with beige house in background

Industry-leading System Characteristics

In a world full of comparisons, there simply is no other system like a GoodFlow system.

We’re not saying it to be arrogant, we’re saying it because it’s true. We’ve designed our systems specifically to enable engineers the freedom to innovate and design world-class solutions for their clientele without tripping over the limitations of traditional septic solutions.

  • Can be installed literally anywhere
  • Extremely durable H-20 load bearing rating
  • Capable of endless configurations and layouts

See how our system can make your job easier

Zero Limitations

Unlock your innovation potential with an industry-leading septic solution.

How we Compare

Goodflow Solutions
  • Doesn’t restrict your creativity when designing solutions
  • Dodge the limitations of traditional septic systems
  • Installable under driveways and other structures
  • Serves as a superior solution when others don’t work
  • Unique configurations unlock extra property space
  • Installed painlessly while avoiding many typical risks
  • Zero System Failures in 13 years

Traditional Septic

  • Severely limited in terms of placement and layout
  • Often forces changes to be made to renovation plans
  • Weaker in structural integrity and susceptible to damage
  • Frequently leaves to alternative when obstacles arise
  • Rigid and inflexible when it comes to layout
  • Messy, drawn out, and expensive installations
  • Inexpensive plastic chambers can fail with sewage back up into the house and/or property

New Restaurant finds Maximum Benefits with Goodflow System!

My first experience using the Good Flow chambers was in 2016. We were hired to design a sanitary sewage disposal system for a new restaurant and were asked to maximize the potential design flow of the system. The new system would be sited under the paved parking lot and therefore had to be suitable for H-20 traffic loading. In addition, we had other constraints such as underground utilities, drain lines, water lines, and light poles that could not be displaced due to the additional costs associated with relocation of these items. The Good Flow chambers provided the best solution for our project. Not only did the chambers provide the security of reinforced concrete construction for the H-20 loading application, but they also allowed us to increase the maximum design flow by 40% within the area available for the system over other available systems that were available for the H-20 loading application. The design using Good Flow chambers also resulted in lower cost estimates over other systems due to the reduced excavation area required, reduced Title 5 sand fill required, and the elimination of double washed crushed stone and a geo-grid that would have been needed for other systems.

Pat Carrera, Engineer

One of the finest applications in the industry!

The service we receive from Curtech, now GoodFlow is outstanding, not only with the product delivery, but the setup and installations. This system is my go to system for tight installations and traffic load areas. The system is also very accommodating for substituting for conventional installations. I have over 35 years of experience in the design, inspection and certification of thousands of on site wastewater systems and I find GoodFlow’s product to be one of the finest applications in the industry with competitive costs.

Thomas Pozerski, Senior Project Manager, P.E. LEED-AP (LTC-EN RET.)

Thank you, GoodFlow! You saved my property.

I had an on-going and frustrating dilemma with my well of over 20 years, it needed frequent pumping and ultimately was sinking. I ‘banked on’ Goodflow to do the job. If you want a first-class job done by friendly and competent staff, at a fair price, with excellent results……..give Goodflow the nod; they were the right solution to my problem.

Denise Lawrence, Homeowner

Goodflow saved me from a headache!

My conventional septic system failed and with every septic system we explored, we would need a variance from the Health Department because the system needed to fit in a small footprint and was adjacent to wetlands.  Due to the high liquid storage capacity, the GoodFlow CTL System was the only reliable system that would fit in the small footprint and installed without a variance.

Joe Calagna, Homeowner

Case Studies

Frequently asked Questions

The concrete chambers are constructed of steel bar reinforced 5,000 PSI concrete. The poly fins are constructed of high impact ABS and come upholstered with nonwoven 4 oz. filter fabric.

Our testing from MASSTC shows the system surpassed all the EPA standards for TS-1 treatment by ba wide margin.
The CTL systems are gravel less which eliminates the blasting, crushing and trucking associated with the production of crushed stone and its detrimental effects it has in the environment.
The CTL fins are comprised of 30% recycled material. These are just a few reasons we can say our system is environmentally friendly.

GoodFlow solutions will get you the software you need to make your design work a snap.
GoodFlow has in house experts with many years of experience in septic system installation to answer any question you have.
The versatility of design configurations available with our units makes impossible to design sites possible.

12” total. 10” of ¾” compacted process and 2” of whatever top coat is being utilized for the site.

CTL12 = 178 gallons

CTL18 = 311 gallons

CTL24 = 430 gallons

CTL48 = 950 gallons.

REady to enhance your next project design?