Fast, Simple & No Mess

GoodFlow Systems concrete septic leach field chambers can be painlessly installed in a single day without requiring crushed stone

Installation Overview

Trench Preperation

Once the work area has been prepared according to approved plans, excavate a leveled 88″ wide trench and install chambers.


Plastic Fin Preperation

After installing and leveling the plastic chambers, place 4′ long pre-assembled fins on top of the concrete chambers.



Once the chamber fins have been installed, backfill the system with washed concrete sand ASTM C-33 or state-approved septic fill.


H-20 Requirements

Fill the area on top of the chamber fins with additional washed concrete sand to ensure a proper installation.


GoodFlow System Features

Feature: Smaller Footprint
Benefit: Less excavating for quicker/easier installation and more cost effective

GoodFlow System Features

Feature: Gravelless
Benefit: Easier to backfill with sand vs. gravel and more cost effective

GoodFlow System Features

Feature: Topsoil
Benefit: Backfill the top of the system with topsoil for easy installation

GoodFlow System Features

Feature: CTL48 Chamber
Benefit: High liquid storage capacity and H-20 Rated for installation under hardtop ensuring this system will not fail!

GoodFlow System Features

Feature: Fins
Benefit: Made of high impact ABS and H-20 rated for installation under hardtop ensuring the system will not fail!

GoodFlow System Features

Feature: Lip Straps for CTL48 Fins
Benefit: Insert a 2×4 into straps and lifting with a machine or by hand for easy installation of the CTL48 Fins (not needed for CTL12, 18 and 24)

GoodFlow System Features

Feature: Side Knockouts
Benefit: Easy connection to Fins to allow for superior diffusion of the effluent into the surrounding soil

GoodFlow System Features

Feature: Large Inspection Ports
Benefit: Easily installed concrete H-20 risers with highway manholes vs. Plastic that are difficult to access the chamber and can easily collapse

septic system in ground with fins exposed

More jobs in less Time

We’ve designed GoodFlow systems to enable installers to work more efficiently.

One of the main attractions of GoodFlow systems for property owners, engineers, and installers alike is the ease and simplicity installing them. Our systems are designed to require less materials and steps in order to install which makes scheduling work easier and more predictable.

  • Requires no gravel or crushed stone
  • Can be installed rapidly, sometimes in as little as 4-6 hours
  • Backfilling is far less risky than traditional septic systems

See how you can install our system painlessly

Pure Simplicity

Complete installations in mere hours with GoodFlow’s industry-leading solution

Frequently asked Questions

Yes, GoodFlow systems were designed by an installer. His top priority was to make a superior system with making the system easy to install in the field for the contractor a close second.

Yes, GoodFlow has suppliers in all the areas we are approved in and we are working everyday to bring in new suppliers as our state approvals grow.

An installer should be able to install 300’ plus linear feet of CTL12, CTL18, CTL24, or CTL48 in a single day.

GoodFlow systems are gravel less so no expensive gravel or crushed stone is required.
GoodFlow System displace a large amount of select septic sand saving the contractor and property owner.
The smaller footprint of a GoodFlow system cuts down greatly on the amount of sand required to bed and backfill the system resulting in a large savings.

The superior functioning and structural integrity of a GoodFlow system insures a contractor will not be called back for issues pertaining to failures and malfunctions of the system. The contractor is the person the customer see during installation of the system and usually the first person called when there is a problem.

The CTL12 & CTL18 can be installed with a mini excavator or larger. The CTL24 & CTL48 can be installed with a midsized excavator or larger.

Total flexibility for configuring in tight spots!

I have been in the business of installing septic systems for many years and routinely come across challenging situations that require a smaller footprint and/or the need for a weight bearing location. The unique design of the GoodFlow System gives it an H20 rating for installation under hardtop and total flexibility for configuring in tight spots where traditional options simply can’t work.

M. Green, President, Green Construction Mgmt

One of the finest applications in the industry!

The service we receive from Curtech, now GoodFlow is outstanding, not only with the product delivery, but the setup and installations. This system is my go to system for tight installations and traffic load areas. The system is also very accommodating for substituting for conventional installations. I have over 35 years of experience in the design, inspection and certification of thousands of on site wastewater systems and I find GoodFlow’s product to be one of the finest applications in the industry with competitive costs.

Thomas Pozerski, Senior Project Manager, P.E. LEED-AP (LTC-EN RET.)

Thank you, GoodFlow! You saved my property.

I had an on-going and frustrating dilemma with my well of over 20 years, it needed frequent pumping and ultimately was sinking. I ‘banked on’ Goodflow to do the job. If you want a first-class job done by friendly and competent staff, at a fair price, with excellent results……..give Goodflow the nod; they were the right solution to my problem.

Denise Lawrence, Homeowner

Goodflow Provides a Sense of Comfort at Home

In building a home, you come across so many different types of groups. Frank and his team instantly gave us confidence in their ability to execute our needs in designing a superior septic system. They walked through step by step, educating us about the Goodflow and the advantages over other products. We came away convinced this was one part of the project we did not need to worry believing the new technology of the Goodflow put us well ahead of any homeowner. Frank’s keen sense identifying the benefits Goodflow provides also instilled a sense of comfort. We will be doing future projects and will be using Goodflow. Frank and team will be partners for life demonstrating an understanding the evolution of septic systems and meeting all the requirements through their expertise in the field.

Gary Lisiewski, Property owner

Goodflow saved me from a headache!

My conventional septic system failed and with every septic system we explored, we would need a variance from the Health Department because the system needed to fit in a small footprint and was adjacent to wetlands.  Due to the high liquid storage capacity, the GoodFlow CTL System was the only reliable system that would fit in the small footprint and installed without a variance.

Joe Calagna, Homeowner

Case Studies

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