More Space. More Property Value.

GoodFlow Systems leach field chambers help homeowners and commercial property owners get better use of their property by creating new usable space

Increased Land Value

When you install a GoodFlow septic system on your property, you instantly increase the value of your land.

GoodFlow septic systems avoid many of the spacial limitations that are ordinarily presented by traditional septic systems. Unlike traditional systems, GoodFlow leach field chambers can be installed practically anywhere on a plot of land allowing contractors, builders, and engineers to design larger square foot septic systems in a smaller footprint. As a result, property owners who use GoodFlow systems instantly acquire more usable land right installation.

  • Larger square foot systems in a smaller overall footprint
  • Eliminate spacial limitations presented by traditional systems
  • Virtually extend property lines without physically extending them

Goodflow Provides a Sense of Comfort at Home

In building a home, you come across so many different types of groups. Frank and his team instantly gave us confidence in their ability to execute our needs in designing a superior septic system. They walked through step by step, educating us about the Goodflow and the advantages over other products. We came away convinced this was one part of the project we did not need to worry believing the new technology of the Goodflow put us well ahead of any homeowner. Frank’s keen sense identifying the benefits Goodflow provides also instilled a sense of comfort. We will be doing future projects and will be using Goodflow. Frank and team will be partners for life demonstrating an understanding the evolution of septic systems and meeting all the requirements through their expertise in the field.

Gary Lisiewski, Property owner

Goodflow saved me from a headache!

My conventional septic system failed and with every septic system we explored, we would need a variance from the Health Department because the system needed to fit in a small footprint and was adjacent to wetlands.  Due to the high liquid storage capacity, the GoodFlow CTL System was the only reliable system that would fit in the small footprint and installed without a variance.

Joe Calagna, Homeowner

Total flexibility for configuring in tight spots!

I have been in the business of installing septic systems for many years and routinely come across challenging situations that require a smaller footprint and/or the need for a weight bearing location. The unique design of the GoodFlow System gives it an H20 rating for installation under hardtop and total flexibility for configuring in tight spots where traditional options simply can’t work.

M. Green, President, Green Construction Mgmt

Thank you, GoodFlow! You saved my property.

I had an on-going and frustrating dilemma with my well of over 20 years, it needed frequent pumping and ultimately was sinking. I ‘banked on’ Goodflow to do the job. If you want a first-class job done by friendly and competent staff, at a fair price, with excellent results……..give Goodflow the nod; they were the right solution to my problem.

Denise Lawrence, Homeowner

One of the finest applications in the industry!

The service we receive from Curtech, now GoodFlow is outstanding, not only with the product delivery, but the setup and installations. This system is my go to system for tight installations and traffic load areas. The system is also very accommodating for substituting for conventional installations. I have over 35 years of experience in the design, inspection and certification of thousands of on site wastewater systems and I find GoodFlow’s product to be one of the finest applications in the industry with competitive costs.

Thomas Pozerski, Senior Project Manager, P.E. LEED-AP (LTC-EN RET.)

Less Installation Effort

Our systems are simple and easy to install, and can often be fully implemented in a single day.

Property owners love our systems because they can be so rapidly installed and without the fuss and mess of traditional systems. The ease of installation provided by our systems prevent your property from being torn up and trashed by heavy machinery and unsightly piles of gravel during backfilling and installation.

  • Installed in a single day
  • Faster and less costly than traditional systems
  • No gravel required, and less heavy machinery

See how our system can benefit you

How we Compare

Goodflow Solutions
  • Increases land value by freeing up more usable space
  • Provides larger a larger capacity in a smaller footprint
  • Fast & quick installations often completed in one day
  • Can be installed where other solutions simply can’t go
  • Tested up to H-20 load bearing ratings for max durability
  • Affordable, competitively priced, and cost-effective
  • Zero system Failures in 13 years

Traditional Septic

  • Severely limits the usage of surround land and property
  • Often requires a large and inconvenient footprint
  • Requires messy and time consuming installations
  • Frequently limits renovation and enhancement plans
  • Susceptible to failure and integrity degradation
  • Costly to maintain and take care of over time
  • Inexpensive plastic chambers can fail with sewage back up into the house and/or property

It’s Your Land.

Don’t Let a traditional septic System control what you can do with it.

Case Studies

Frequently asked Questions

A conventional pipe and stone system has a larger footprint and requires gravel. The GoodFlow system smaller footprint provides cost savings in excavation and uses sand vs gravel again, providing additional cost savings. A conventional system can also be crushed under heavy equipment vs a GoodFlow system made of concrete, that is H-20 rated and will not get crushed under heavy equipment.

The GoodFlow system is designed to maximize the total effective area of a leaching system. What this means is that you will be able to fit a septic system for private homes or commercial buildings in a smaller foot print area.  The smaller print from a GoodFlow system increases the value of the property by allowing the home owner to do an addition to the house, build a pool, and/or increase the size of the patio, etc.  A developer can take advantage of the additional space by adding more condos, office or retail space.

The GoodFlow system is H-20 rated and has been tested to withstand loads in excess of 10,000 psf (pounds per square foot).  This allows the system to be installed under hardtop; driveways, patios, tennis courts, etc.  By installing under hard top the GoodFlow system increases the value of the property by allowing the home owner to do an addition to the house, build a pool and/or increase the size of the patio.  A developer can take advantage of the additional space by adding more condos, office, or retail space.

The GoodFlow concrete leach field chambers are made of concrete and are H-20 rated so they can withstand a load of 10,000 psf (pound per square foot).  Most plastic chambers are not H-20 rated and can be crushed under the backfill and/or heavy equipment.  Plastic chambers, including H-20 rated plastic chambers, also ‘knife’ into the ground.  This happens when there is pressure on the chamber from the backfill or heavy equipment and the sides of the chamber knife into the ground because of the thin walls on the side of the chambers.  When a chamber is knifed into the ground it decreases the liquid storage capacity and increases the chance of failure with septic backup into the house or leakage into the topsoil.  The GoodFlow system has thicker sides and does not ‘knife’ into the ground.

Some plastic chambers have a very low liquid storage capacity that increases the chance of failure where there is septic back up into the house and leaks into the topsoil in the yard. The GoodFlow chambers have one of the largest liquid storage capacities.

With over 800 installations of which over 200 were H-20 rated in over 12 years – THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A FAILURE OF A GOODFLOW SYSTEM.  You get the peace of mind with a GoodFlow system that there will be no septic back up into your house or yard! 

What are you going to do with all that extra space?