StormArc Gravel-less Retention & Detention stormwater System

Get more storage capacity in a smaller footprint with GoodFlow’s StormArc gravel-less retention and detention stormwater system

Superior Design

Design advantages superior to other technologies in minimum and maximum burial requirements
  • The Arcs have a span of 9’4” between parallel rows of chambers with a running length of 4’. The units are universal allowing for installation with any concrete stormwater chamber ranging in height from 2’- 6’. The design eliminates the need for intricate and expensive header distribution by allowing stormwater to flow freely through the entire system and is contained by a solid wall on the outside.

Flexible Design Options

Provides engineers with versatile design options including L and T configurations
  • All projects are not the same and have different challenges regarding space. StormArc provides Engineers the ability to design systems in different configurations.

HS-20 Rated

Structural testing verified by third-party engineer
  • The system is manufactured with steel-reinforced concrete a material proven to be superior for underground structures. The Arcs are designed by Delta Engineering and eliminate the anxiety associated with designing and installing plastic chambers under traffic areas. StormArc is durable and eliminates special compaction requirements.

large Liquid Storage Capacity = Smaller Footprint

StormArc gives 100% capacity by eliminating the need for structure and crushed stone
  • GoodFlow StormArc avoids many of the spacial limitations that are ordinarily presented by traditional stormwater systems. As a result, property owners who use GoodFlow StormArc instantly acquire more usable land for additional office space, retail space and units for a housing complex.

Easy to Install

No heavy installation equipment necessary, eliminates the need for cranes
  • StormArc is a modular system which makes installing and shipping substantially more cost-effective allowing more units to be delivered per truck load cutting wait time. Also eliminates a poured concrete base required for many systems.

No Soil Intrusion

Overlapping connections eliminate soil intrusion
  • The Arcs have lips that enable units to interlock and ensure a solid connection preventing soil from penetrating the storage area. The end unit for each row of Arcs has a concrete slab that is adjoined by metal pipes to ensure a confined system surrounded by a solid wall.

Cost Effective

StormArc uses less than 10% of the stone required by other systems such as CMP or Plastic chambers
  • In addition to the substantial savings in stone the system has a smaller footprint for savings in labor and excavation. StormArc also eliminates; intricate header distribution, installation on a poured concrete slab and installation with cranes. The system is priced less than brand name concrete products and in line with plastic chambers for an overall system that is significantly less expensive that will last for decades.

How much extra land could you gain?