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The architect for the site was hired by the client to design a magnificent “once in a lifetime” home at the edge of a beautiful private neighborhood that had a long driveway with direct water frontage on the iconic Moriches Bay on Long Island. From the very beginning of the project planning, the client was clear with the architect that they were only willing to go through with the build if a 7-bedroom house was allowed to be constructed on the lot. The architect and his engineer set out to see if it could be accomplished.

The Solution

Fortunately the architect and his engineering team had recently become familiar with GoodFlow Solutions after hearing about their success on a different project. After reaching out with the specific challenges associated with the property, GoodFlow’s technical assistance helped them to design an amazing alternative to using the severely limited backyard space. Together with GoodFlow, the engineer was able to design a CTL12 leach field chamber system utilizing the long driveway area – an option that no other system available could offer with the H20 load rating required. Due to the low 12” profile of the GoodFlow chambers and the minimal backfill needed, the clearance needed from the high ground water table to the bottom of the system could be easily accomplished without raising the grade of the driveway. Had the driveway elevation needed to be increased, it would have caused the entire house to be raised along with a significant retaining wall that would have resulted in over $100,000 of additional cost.

The Results

The smaller footprint of the GoodFlow system was able to be neatly tucked within the driveway parameters which in turn allowed for the system to be installed further away from the bay, and that precious yard. The outcome? The architect had a very happy client that not only got their 7 bedroom home, but a beautiful pool in the back yard!

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