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GoodFlow products not only solve design problems that other solutions can’t, but they’re also cost-effective and add value to your commercial or residential property

Commercial & Residential Applications

GoodFlow Solutions creates world class septic and stormwater drainage products focused on four specific areas that differentiate us from the competition.


GoodFlow products are durable, manufactured with steel reinforced concrete they are designed to last for decades. With an HS-20 rating that makes it safe for installation under a parking lot, driveway or patio. GoodFlow eliminates the anxiety associated with designing and installing plastic chambers under pavement.

Increased property value

All GoodFlow products have industry leading liquid storage capacity that creates a significantly smaller footprint. Combined with installation under pavement, GoodFlow creates more usable space for developers to create additional units in a housing project or more retail/office space. In addition, homeowners can increase the number of bedrooms.


Crushed stone has become very expensive and continues to increase in price every year. GoodFlow products have a superior design that eliminates crushed stone and is not only less expensive but much easier to install. A gravel-less system is also better for the environment.


There are a variety of reasons why GoodFlow products are less expensive. Designed by an installer with 30 years of experience, all facets of installation have been considered to ensure a smooth and efficient installation. Also, a gravel-less system with a large reduction in footprint provides savings in excavation, labor and trucking.

Creating Land Value With Innovative Products

Septic Solutions

Our CTL septic systems have been specifically designed to enable engineers the freedom to innovate and design world-class solutions for their clients without tripping over the limitations of traditional septic products. GoodFlow’s advanced leach field chambers are approved for general and remedial use and are MASSTC tested surpassing TS-1 treatment levels.

Advanced Stormwater
drainage System

Building upon the success of the CTL septic system, GoodFlow recently launched StormArc, a new stormwater drainage system. The same attributes and superior design that enabled CTL to become a world class septic solution have been applied to StormArc. The new stormwater solution has engineers and property owners excited about the flexible design options and ability to increase property value.


Case Studies


Cheaper Doesn’t Mean Better

The last thing a homeowner wants to deal with in their new home is a major problem. However, that was exactly the case when their home of not even 2 years old began having significant septic problems.


Car Wash Sale Rescue

The owner of a car wash had successfully negotiated the sale of his business and property with one caveat: being able to provide an updated septic system compliant with current town and state codes.


The 7 Bedroom Dilemma

The client was clear with the architect that they were only willing to go through with the build of the house if it included 7 bedrooms. The architect and engineer were determined to make that work on the land.


Sports Complex Surprise Expansion

A sports complex was faced with a difficult situation after analyzing the possibility of enlarging their facility. In order for their failing septic system to be brought up to code, they would have to face a significant loss.

Total flexibility for configuring in tight spots!

I have been in the business of installing septic systems for many years and routinely come across challenging situations that require a smaller footprint and/or the need for a weight bearing location. The unique design of the GoodFlow System gives it an H20 rating for installation under hardtop and total flexibility for configuring in tight spots where traditional options simply can’t work.

M. Green, President, Green Construction Mgmt

One of the finest applications in the industry!

The service we receive from Curtech, now GoodFlow is outstanding, not only with the product delivery, but the setup and installations. This system is my go to system for tight installations and traffic load areas. The system is also very accommodating for substituting for conventional installations. I have over 35 years of experience in the design, inspection and certification of thousands of on site wastewater systems and I find GoodFlow’s product to be one of the finest applications in the industry with competitive costs.

Thomas Pozerski, Senior Project Manager, P.E. LEED-AP (LTC-EN RET.)

Goodflow Provides a Sense of Comfort at Home

In building a home, you come across so many different types of groups. Frank and his team instantly gave us confidence in their ability to execute our needs in designing a superior septic system. They walked through step by step, educating us about the Goodflow and the advantages over other products. We came away convinced this was one part of the project we did not need to worry believing the new technology of the Goodflow put us well ahead of any homeowner. Frank’s keen sense identifying the benefits Goodflow provides also instilled a sense of comfort. We will be doing future projects and will be using Goodflow. Frank and team will be partners for life demonstrating an understanding the evolution of septic systems and meeting all the requirements through their expertise in the field.

Gary Lisiewski, Property owner

New Restaurant finds Maximum Benefits with Goodflow System!

My first experience using the Good Flow chambers was in 2016. We were hired to design a sanitary sewage disposal system for a new restaurant and were asked to maximize the potential design flow of the system. The new system would be sited under the paved parking lot and therefore had to be suitable for H-20 traffic loading. In addition, we had other constraints such as underground utilities, drain lines, water lines, and light poles that could not be displaced due to the additional costs associated with relocation of these items. The Good Flow chambers provided the best solution for our project. Not only did the chambers provide the security of reinforced concrete construction for the H-20 loading application, but they also allowed us to increase the maximum design flow by 40% within the area available for the system over other available systems that were available for the H-20 loading application. The design using Good Flow chambers also resulted in lower cost estimates over other systems due to the reduced excavation area required, reduced Title 5 sand fill required, and the elimination of double washed crushed stone and a geo-grid that would have been needed for other systems.

Pat Carrera, Engineer

Goodflow saved me from a headache!

My conventional septic system failed and with every septic system we explored, we would need a variance from the Health Department because the system needed to fit in a small footprint and was adjacent to wetlands.  Due to the high liquid storage capacity, the GoodFlow CTL System was the only reliable system that would fit in the small footprint and installed without a variance.

Joe Calagna, Homeowner

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