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A thriving sports complex was faced with a difficult situation after analyzing the possibility of enlarging their facility. In order for their failing septic system to be brought up to code, a significant amount of land would be required. So much in fact, that there wouldn’t be enough left over for the new building and parking required.The only solution available would be to utilize the area underneath the proposed parking area with an H-20 rated system. It was determined that it would be the only way possible to provide additional user capacity that would sufficiently increase the revenue potential of the business.

The Solution

The engineer assigned to the job originally looked at the possibility of using a well known competitive plastic chamber system. However it didn’t take long to figure out that the required number of chambers took up far more space that they had available. On top of that, the lightweight construction required them to be buried deeper creating a tremendous increase in excavation costs, gravel and of course time and labor. He turned to GoodFlow and with our assistance came up with a new CTL System that fit the criteria and was cost effective. The engineer was thrilled that the GoodFlow system ended up being 40% smaller in footprint then the plastic chamber system, and less expensive. The new system required 8608 GPD which was provided by 864 linear feet of the H-20 rated CTL12. The system was split into two separate trenches in order to accommodate the shape of the parking lot design. By splitting the system, the engineer also took advantage of the GoodFlows System’s ability to have no pressure dosing up to 5,000 GPD.

The Results

The system (concrete leach field chambers) was successfully installed under the new parking lot and the Sports Complex was expanded as planned. The project was able to be completed in less time than originally planned as a result of saving unnecessary excavating and trucking time that would have otherwise been required. The owner was quite pleased that he was able to create the additional building and parking capacity required to achieve his business goals, while at the same time saving money.

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